Get Started!

  1. Serve your current site from a subdomain (e.g.,

  2. Add the 404 to 302 rule for your server (see below) to the latest version of your site to forward links that are not found on the latest version to the previous version.

  3. If you change the site again in the future, rinse and repeat.

Indie Web Server

Indie Web Server natively understands 404 to 302. Just create a simple text file called 4042302 in the root directory of your web content and add the URL you want to forward requests to:



In your site configuration:

server {
  # …
  location / {
    error_page 404 =302$request_uri;
    try_files $uri $uri/ =404;

For example, if your site uses Let’s Encrypt on Ubuntu, you should find your site configuration file in /etc/nginx/sites-available/https.conf.


Fabrica Evergreen Web is a tiny plugin which allows you to use 404 → 302 on WordPress sites. After installation and activation, you specify the fallback path in a settings screen.


Edit this page on GitHub to contribute 404 → 302 configurations for your favourite servers and platforms and send us a pull request.